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Association Dues

Each referee pays an SCSOASD membership fee of $50 which includes insurance. These fees are also to cover administrative costs incurred by SCSOASD. Referees also prepay an amount we recommend to equal the number of games done in the previous season time $4 per game to cover the assigners fee. If you are a new ref we recommend you assume 15 games prepaid i.e. 15 X $4/game = $60. So you check would be $50 + $60 = $110. Referees are expected to maintain enough of an assigners fee prepay to cover the games each referee plans to do throughout the season. Assignments will be suspended if your prepaid assigner's fee runs out.

Checks should be made payable to "SCSOA San Diego" and may be mailed to:

SCSOA San Diego
9683 Tierra Grande St., Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92126-6503

Game Assignments

Game assignments are received through Arbiter. Go to Arbiter Sports to sign up for games. You must be an accepted member of the SCSOASD group to be able to accept or decline games. Contact either Bob Petterson (email or another assignor to gain access and be able to get games through Arbiter.

Game Fees

Below is our fee schedule for the new season. Fees are generally paid by check sent to your address based on pay voucher forms provided by the home school before game time, filled out by you and submitted to the home coach at the game. Some schools are now using REFPAY which is linked through Arbiter. Varsity Games are normally 80 minutes or 40 minute halves. Tournament fees may be paid on the field or by check. Note a new late fee of $10 is also added for those schools who don't pay within 30 days of game. Also see Payment Procedures.

Game     Dual Crew     3 Man Crew
Varsity     $65     $75 + $61 + $61
Non-Varsity     $56.50

Officials who work alone (if two officials are normally assigned) receive an additional $20.00.

Travel Costs

Certain schools also pay a travel fee. The total travel fee is:

Borrego Springs = $23
Julian = $15
Mtn Empire = $13
Fallbrook = $13

If you and your partner drive separately you will have to decide how to split the fee. If asked, the schools will probably split the fee between two drivers.

Payment Procedures

All NON-Tournament games

Complete a payment slip from the home school. The event is either Boys Soccer or Girls Soccer, Varsity or Non Varsity.

Tournament games

Payment procedures and fees depend on the tournament, which should be outlined in the procedures provided by the Tournament Assignor. There are three possible procedures.

Cancelled Games

If you show up for a game that has been cancelled for which you were not notified you are entitled to be paid for the game; if you were scheduled for more than one game you are still only entitled to be paid for one of the games, whichever is the higher level game.


Each tournament has it's own rules and fees. Check before each game the rules and what fee to charge if any as some provide funding straight to the association who in turn pays the referees directly. Below is a general table of the fees per game per referee according to the length/times of the games. (Note some games are dual system while others are single or 3 man system.)

Varsity Times              80minutes       70minutes       60minutes
Dual (per ref) $65 $59 $52
3 Person Crew
Referee $75 $68 $60
Assist Refs (2) $61 $55 $49

Non-Varsity Times      80minutes      70minutes      60minutes
Single Referee $75 $71 $65
Dual Refs $56.50 $51 $45
3 Person Crew
Referee $64 $58 $51
Assist Refs (2) $53 $48 $43

Tournament Fees & Rules List

A list of all current and past tournament fees & rules is attached below for your use.

NOTE: Tax Purposes Referees also pay the assigners fees of $4/game for tournament games. These fees are considered tax deductable and you can recoup them at the end of the year as business expenses on your taxes. Easy way to keep track is to just keep a record of how many tournament games and multiply by $4.

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Middle School and Jr. High Fees and Rules of Competition

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Each referee is ranked according to their observed ability. Your rank is available by calling one of the assignors. An evaluation is the best way to improve your game ranking, and thus the quality of your game assignments. It is also a major factor in playoff game assignments. Any & all NEW referees to the association are given a rank grade 4, no matter what their level of officiating. Any & all NEW referees will also automatically be evaluated within the first few months of their first season.

If you have been officiating with SCSOASD for several years and want to request an evaluation to try and improve your rank. Send an email to Leanne Harris with "SCSOASD-ASSESSMENT" in the subject line. Leanne, Jim Zerkle and Tom Phillips will be doing the majority of the assessments.

There is no fee for an evaluation. It is paid by SCSOASD. The results of your evaluation will be available at the end of the game. When one referee is evaluated, the partner is also evaluated whether the partner has requested an evaluation or not. So please cooperate with the assessors. They are here to improve your game.

Please submit your request for evaluation as soon as possible. Evaluations are not available on short notice. Rarely will a referee know in advance when an assessor will be on the game. The assessors will review your schedule and pick the most appropriate game. In some cases, we will make a game assignment specifically for the evaluation or to match partners requesting an evaluation. NOTE: A tournament or league game requiring only 1 referee is the ideal situation to be evaluated.

Remember: Always referee as if you are being evaluated. You may not be notified that you or your partner is being evaluated.

Ranking System:

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