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SCSOASD & Relevant Contact Information

The table below is contact info for various specific individuals involved with SCSOA-SD. A historical list of all the former staff of SCSOASD and the years they served can be viewed at this link (Coming Soon!). For specific referee contact email addresses you must be an SCSOASD member of and visit our on-line assignment program.

Our Current Leaders

President - Bob Petterson (1997 thru 2017)
Vice President - Pete Aufsesser
Treasurer - Paula Miller
Secretary - Jesus Acevedo
Instructional Chair - Tom Phillips

A list of relevant names and contact lists.

Name Phone # Email
Bob Petterson 858-695-0596  
Pete Aufsesser 619-922-6177  
Paula H. Miller 858-967-8049
Jesus "Jesse" Acevedo 619-392-6200
Leanne Harris 760-518-2577
Tom Phillips 619-313-2275
Art Mitchell 619-733-0006
Arnold Baldeaux 619-957-8350
Scott Fontaine 858-204-5756
Jesus Sanchez 760-427-7821
Hugo Rios 619-992-1005
Jack Dobransky 619-733-8071
CJ Read-Jones 858-405-3070

Important SCSOA Addresses

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Southern California Soccer Officials Association -

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Calsouth -

National & International Referees Associations

USSF - www.USSFcom
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